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What Is A Loan Without Investigation?

A loan without a credit check is a loan that does not require the lender to check your credit history.

Although the lenders offering this type of service do not ask for the history, a little analysis is often carried out to ensure the creditworthiness of the applicant. Despite this, the approval rate for this kind of loan is significantly higher than those offered by conventional financial institutions such as banks.


A credit check, or investigation of your credit “file”, is the process of viewing the score assigned to you by one of two authorized organizations in Canada in relation to your creditworthiness and payment history. Clearly, it is a question of knowing what grade you have been assigned to know if you are a good payer or not.

In Canada, only two bureaus provide your credit report: Equifax Canada and TransUnion Canada.

The criteria for establishing your score are generally known, but there are factors that can slightly vary your record from one company to another.

Your credit report contains important information such as:

your personal information (SIN, name, first names, current and former addresses, dates of birth, etc.)

information on your complete credit history (credit cards, loans, line of credit … and your payment history)

your banking information (your various accounts, etc.)

your public financial information such as your bankruptcy declarations, legal proceedings …

information about information or companies that have already had access to your file

The higher your score, the more it means that you are a good payer, and vice versa.


As you can imagine, credit inquiries are often required by creditors, whether they are individuals or companies.

Credit inquiries are generally requested by homeowners, banking institutions or even… by yourself!

Most of the time, your authorization is necessary for your creditors to have access to your file.

Thus, the people with access to your file get an idea of ​​your payer profile and will adapt their offers and services according to your score. The better your record, the better the offers.


On reading the above elements, you will have understood that the more you have encountered difficulties or “errors” in the course of your receivables, the more difficult it is to obtain a loan from the banks.

This is where loans without a credit check such as Loan to Help come in.

Because we understand that financial hardship can happen to anyone in the course of a lifetime, we would like to provide a loan to people in need of money. This is the reason why our loans are secured without a credit check.

We thus leave the possibility to people with a complicated history to rebuild their financial health.

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